Tailoring Power Leveling Guide 1-300

Tailoring Power Leveling Guide

This guide is intended to help you level Tailoring as quickly as possible. Recipes in bold are considered the best option for that particular range. The recipes chosen have been optimized to use the lowest amount of ingredients. Occasionally recipes with the more common materials are included as an alternative. When making bolts of cloth, you'll often be making much more than necessary to unlock the next set of recipes. For this guide I assume you will be making bolts of cloth until the recipe turns green and I do not include a new recipe until that point.

In any situation where there are multiple choices you are free to select the recipe that is better for you. Tailoring has a large number of RP (aka "role playing") items that frequently sell better than the lowbie gear you could make. These RP items often use less cloth than armor recipes. I've include RP items (noted as 'RP' in the lists) as an option for those who'd like to craft marketable goods when possible. I've also included items that can be disenchanted for those that prefer to DE their goods instead of selling them.

This guide utilizes a few vendor and one world drop recipe. If you can get them, feel free to use them to level up. If not, ingredients have been calculated for appropriate alternatives. You can simply print out this page and mark the items you plan to craft to come up with your personal tally for bolts of cloth. A couple of these vendors have gone missing in Cataclysm, specifically those not in a city. If you intend to use a vendor recipe be sure to purchase it prior to the Cataclysm launch date.

Good Luck!

Skill Range Recipe Ingredients
1-35 Linen Cloth 200-300 linen cloth (100-150 bolts needed)
35-60 Heavy Linen Gloves (for DE mats) OR Red/Blue Linen Shirt (marketable RP item) 50 linen bolts
60-75 Reinforced Linen Cape 30 linen bolts
75-95 Bolt of Woolen Cloth 135-240 wool cloth (45-80 bolts needed)
95-100 Simple Kilt 20 linen bolts
100-110 Green Woolen Vest OR Soft-soled Linen Boots (to use up excess linen) 20 woolen bolts or 50 linen bolts + 20 light leather
110-125 Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders OR Blue Overalls* (marketable RP item) 45 woolen bolts or 60 woolen bolts
125-140 Bolt of Silk Cloth 840-1040 silk cloth (210-260 bolts needed)
140-145 Bright Yellow Shirt(RP)** OR Azure Silk Pants (DE) 5 silk bolts or 20 silk bolts
145-155 Azure Silk Hood
20 silk bolts
155-160 Azure Silk Gloves
OR Azure Silk Pants
15 silk bolts + 10 heavy leather or 20 silk bolts
160-170 Silk Headband(DE)
OR White Swashbuckler's Shirt(RP)
30 silk bolts
170-175 Formal White Shirt(RP) 15 silk bolts
175-180 Bolt of Mageweave 340-460 mageweave cloth (85-115 bolts needed)
180-195 Green Silken Shoulders OR Azure Silk Cloak*** 75 silk bolts or 45 silk bolts
195-205 Crimson Silk Vest 40 silk bolts
205-215 Crimson Silk Pantaloons 40 silk bolts
215-220 Orange Mageweave Shirt(RP) 5 mageweave bolts
220-230 Black Mageweave Gloves 20 mageweave bolts
230-235 Lavender Mageweave Shirt**** (RP) OR Black Mageweave Headband OR Black Mageweave Shoulders 10 mageweave bolts or 15 mageweave bolts or 15 mageweave bolts
235-240 Pink Mageweave Shirt**** (RP) OR Black Mageweave Headband OR Black Mageweave Shoulders 15 mageweave bolts
240-245 Black Mageweave Headband OR Black Mageweave Shoulders 15 mageweave bolts
245-250 Tuxedo Pants**** OR Haliscan Pantaloons***** 20 mageweave bolts
250-255 Bolt of Runecloth 520-740 runecloth (130-185 bolts needed)
255-260 Runecloth Belt OR Cindercloth Boots (to use up mageweave) 15 runecloth bolts or 25 mageweave bolts
260-270 Runecloth Belt 30 runecloth bolts
270-280 Frostweave Gloves OR Ghostweave Belt (if you can get the dye) 30 runecloth bolts or 20 runecloth bolts + 20 ghost dye
280-290 Runecloth Gloves OR Ghostweave Vest 50 runecloth bolts or 20 runecloth bolts + 30 ghost dye
290-295 Frostweave Pants 30 runecloth bolts
295-300 Runecloth Headband 30 runecloth bolts

* Recipe can be purchased from Alexandra Bolero in Stormwind or Borya in Orgrimmar.
** Recipe is sold by Danielle Zipstitch in Duskwood (Alliance only).
*** Recipe is sold by Brienna Starglow in Feralas and Jun'ha in Arathi Highlands.
**** Recipe is sold by Outfitter Eric in Ironforge or Borya in Orgrimmar.
***** Recipe is sold by Haughty Modiste in Tanaris.

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