Leatherworking Power Leveling Guide 1-300

Leatherworking Power Leveling Guide

This guide is intended to help you level Leatherworking as quickly as possible. Recipes in bold are considered the best option for that particular range. The recipes chosen have been optimized to use the lowest amount of ingredients. Occasionally recipes with the more common materials are included as an alternative. In situations where one crafted item could be worked into another crafted item, I have favored that recipe to reduce overall component usage.

In any situation where there are multiple choices you are free to select the recipe that is easier for you. There are a few areas where the only leveling recipe is yellow difficulty (likely skill point but not guaranteed) rather than orange difficulty (guaranteed skill point). This usually increases the needed ingredients, something you might want to plan for when shopping. I have included ranges in the materials column to indicate where overages might occur. In particular, when a recipe becomes yellow to you I've doubled the materials needed for that portion of the skill points. Your mileage may vary so consider with stocking extra leather and selling the excess later.

Good Luck!

Skill Range Recipe Ingredients
1-20 Light Leather OR Light Armor Kit 20 light leather
20-30 Light Armor Kit 10 light leather
30-35 Handstitched Leather Cloak 10 light leather
35-55 Cured Light Hide OR Handstitched Leather Belt 20 light hides or 120 light leather
55-85 Embossed Leather Gloves 90 light leather
85-90 Embossed Leather Cloak 25 light leather
90-100 Fine Leather Belt (need 5 for later use)
OR Fine Leather Gloves* (if you have enough light hides and the recipe)
60 light leather or 40 light leather + 10 light hides
100-115 Medium Leather OR Cured Medium Hide OR Medium Armor Kit 60 light leather or 15 medium hides or 60 medium leather
115-125 Dark Leather Boots 40 medium leather
125-130 Dark Leather Belt
OR Dark Leather Pants
5 Fine Leather Belt + 5 Cured Medium Hide or 60 medium leather
130-150 Dark Leather Belt
OR Hillman's Shoulders
Remaining Fine Leather Belts + 5 cured medium hides, then 60 medium leather + 15 cured medium hides
150-160 Heavy Leather OR Cured Heavy Hide OR Heavy Leather Ball** 50 medium leather or 10 heavy hide or 20 Heavy Leather
160-170 Hillman's Cloak OR Heavy Armor Kit 50 heavy leather
170-180 Green Leather Belt OR Green Leather Armor*** 50 heavy leather + 10 heavy hide + 10 iron belt buckle or 90 heavy leather
180-190 Barbaric Shoulders OR Green Leather Bracers 80 heavy leather + 10 heavy hides or 60 heavy leather + 20 heavy hides
190-200 Guardian Gloves OR Dusky Bracers 40 heavy leather + 10 heavy hides or 160 heavy leather
200-210 Guardian Gloves OR Thick Leather OR Thick Armor Kits 40 heavy leather + 10 heavy hides or 60 heavy leather or 50 thick leather
210-225 Nightscape Headband OR Thick Armor Kits 75 thick leather
225-230 Nightscape Headband (recipe is yellow but still the cheapest option here) 40 thick leather
230-250 Nightscape Pants 280 thick leather
250-255 Cured Rugged Hide OR Rugged Armor Kit 5 rugged hides or 25 rugged leather
255-265 Rugged Armor Kit 75 rugged leather
265-285 Wicked Leather Gauntlets OR Wicked Leather Bracers 160 rugged leather
285-300 Wicked Leather Headband**** OR Runic Leather Belt 180 rugged leather or 150 rugged leather + 150 runecloth

* Recipe for Fine Leather Gloves is a world drop and can be purchased from the Auction House.
** Recipe is sold by Bombus Finespindle in Ironforge and Tamar in Orgrimmar.
*** Recipe is sold by Wenna Silkbeard in the Wetlands or George Candarte in Hillsbrad.
**** Recipe is sold by Leonard Porter in Western Plaguelands or Werg Thickblade in Tirisfal Glades.

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