Inscription Power Leveling Guide (1-350)

This is a materials list and suggested progression chart for power-leveling Inscription. While I do present some alternative recipes at certain levels, I do not suggest using the more component intensive recipes. You're always welcome to take a detour for those items if you're more interested in the profit potential of a particular item rather than component cost. You might also want to review my inscription guide if you want to learn about the basics of Inscription.

List of Herbs

The following chart shows the amount of pigment needed to make the Inks on the Progression chart at the end of this guide. Next to each pigment is a list of the herbs that can be milled to produce it, and the number of stacks you should collect of those herbs. The quantities in this chart represent a worst case scenario, hopefully the maximum number of herbs you'll need to progress. This chart assumes a minimum of 2 pigments per milling action, you will often get 3-4 pigments. Stop milling when you hit the target number of pigments.

Type of Pigment Herbs to Use
75 Alabaster Pigment
(25 Ivory Ink &
25 Moonglow Ink)
9.5 stacks of Peacebloom, Silverleaf or Earthroot
50 Dusky Pigment
(25 Midnight Ink)
6.25 stacks of Mageroyal, Briarthorn, Swiftthistle, Bruiseweed or Stranglekelp
120 Golden Pigment
(60 Lion's Ink)
15 stacks of Wild Steelbloom, Grave Moss, Kingsblood or Liferoot
120 Emerald Pigment
(60 Jadefire Ink)
15 stacks of Fadeleaf, Goldthorn, Khadgar's Whisker or Dragon's Teeth
120 Violet Pigment
(60 Celestial Ink)
15 stacks of Firebloom, Purple Lotus, Sungrass, Blindweed, Ghost Mushroom or Gromsblood
80 Silvery Pigment
(40 Shimmering Ink)
10 stacks of Golden Sansam, Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, Sorrowmoss or Icecap
140 Nether Pigment
(70 Ethereal Ink)
17.50 stacks of Felweed, Ragveil, Terocone, Dreaming Glory, Ancient Lichen, Netherbloom, Nightmare Vine, Mana Thistle

Preliminary Instructions

There are some recurring issues in the leveling process, instead of reiterating it every time it comes up I'm going to cover it here. Glyph recipes tend to turn yellow after five skill points so when making glyphs to level up you need to switch to new recipes every five points. On the chart this will simply be noted as "change recipes every 5 points". Glyph recipes that are orange to you (guaranteed skill point) will give you 3 skill points as noted by the number 3 to the right of the recipe name in your tradeskill window. You still need to switch recipes every five points even though you're getting skill points in threes.

The Recipe column lists alternate recipes that can be used interchangeably within the same skill range. In other words, there are two recipes that can gain the same skill points, you select which column has the materials that are easier for you. In some cases the alternate columns has somewhat "higher" ingredient requirements. I've included them because they might allow you to conserve your regular inks, by using up more of the 'rare' inks. When milling your herbs for pigment, rare pigments are a bonus item. There are some areas where you can make items with one regular ink and one rare ink vs. two regular ink, so I advise using the rare ink recipe since you're unlikely to use rare inks for anything else in a power leveling scenario.

Inks are not very good grinding recipes, they often start green and change to gray very quickly. Since you'll need much more ink than skill points allow, there's some play in how many points you actually end up milking from them. Most of the time I indicate this with a range "20-25" for the ink and the recipe immediately following it. I assume you will adjust your numbers depending on how many points you ended up getting from ink. In other words, if you end up getting an extra five points on the ink, deduct five from the next item. Rare inks have a similar problem, since the rare pigments are a random drop I really can't dictate how many you should make. On the other hand, they are a bonus item and don't require additional milling (ie: destroying) of herbs. Since the recipes can occasionally give skill points, in a sense they are free points. I'm including them in as alternates, use them when you can.

Progression Chart

Skill Range Recipe
1-20 20-25 Ivory Ink (can get you to 25 if you make enough)
20-35 15-20 Scrolls (depending on how far you got making Ivory Ink)
35-50 25 Moonglow Ink
50-75 Enchanting Vellum or Scroll of Recall (make these first!)
75-80 25 Midnight Ink
80-100 Glyphs (change recipes every 5 points)
100-105 Make 50 Lion's Ink
105-125 Glyphs (change recipes every 5 points)
125-135 Dawnstar Ink
130-150 Glyphs (change recipes every 5 points) or Strange Tarot (if you have Dawnstar Ink)
Tarot cards turn yellow at 150, so make them after the glyphs turn yellow at 145.
150-155 50 Jadefire Ink
155-175 Glyphs (change recipes every 5 points)
175-180 Royal Ink (if you have pigment for it) or Glyphs
180-200 Glyphs (change recipes every 5 points) or Arcane Tarot (if you have Royal Ink)
There are only yellow recipes from 195-200, conserve your Jadefire Ink by making Tarot cards at 195.
200-205 60 Celestial Ink
205-225 Glyphs (change recipes every 5 points) OR Scroll of Intellect IV(at 220 to conserve ink)
225-230 Fiery Ink or Glyphs
230-250 Glyphs (change recipes every 5 points) or Shadowy Tarot
All glyphs will be yellow at 245
250-255 40 Shimmering Ink
255-260 5 Scroll of Spirit V (the only option for this range, boo)
260-275 Glyphs (change recipes every 5 points)
275-290 Ink of the Sky (if you have Sapphire Pigment) or Glyphs (change recipes every 5 points)
290-305 70 Ethereal Ink
305-325 20 Class Glyphs (change recipes every 5 points)
325-330 5 Class Glyphs or Darkflame Ink (if you have Ebon Pigment)
330-350 20 Class Glyphs (change recipes every 5 points)
350+ Level 350 Glyphs turn yellow at 355 and green at 360
You can continue if you like... or wait until WotLK when new recipes come out :)

Kaliope of Llane

PLEASE NOTE: This chart was compiled on the Cataclysm Beta Realm. If you notice any errors, please contact us!