Enchanting Power Leveling Guide 1-300

Enchanting Power Leveling Guide

This guide is intended to help you level Enchanting as quickly as possible. The recipes chosen have been optimized to use the lowest amount of ingredients. Occasionally recipes with the more common materials are included as an alternative. Disenchanting produces random results, there are times when you may end up with more dusts or more essences. Where appropriate I try to provide alternatives that allow you to use what you have, but feel free to deviate from this path if you end up with extras of a particular material.

This guide utilizes a few vendor recipes. If you can get them, feel free to use them to level up. If not, ingredients have been calculated for appropriate alternatives. You can simply print out this page and mark the items you plan to craft to come up with your personal tally. If you intend to use a vendor recipe, you should try to purchase it prior to the Cataclysm launch date.

Good Luck!

Skill Range Recipe Ingredients
1-40 Disenchant
Make copper rod at 20 skill
Low level gear | 1 copper rod + i strange dust + 1 lesser magic essence
40-70 Chest: Minor Health OR Bracer: Minor Health 30 strange dust
70-100 Greater Magic Wand OR Bracer: Minor Stamina 30 greater magic essence or 90 strange dust
100-110 Greater Magic Wand
Make silver rod at 100 skill
10 greater magic essence | 3 greater magic essence + 1 silver rod + 6 strange dust + runed copper rod
110-130 Cloak: Minor Agility* OR Shield: Minor Stamina (uses up extra strange dust) 20 lesser astral essence or 20 lesser astral essence + 40 strange dust
130-140 Bracer: Lesser Stamina 20 soul dust
140-160 Bracer: Lesser Strength* OR Bracer: Lesser Stamina
Make gold rod at 150 skill
40 soul dust | 2 greater astral essences + 1 golden rod + iridescent pearl + 2 soul dust + runed silver rod
160-180 Boots: Lesser Agility OR Chest: Greater Health 20 lesser mystic essence + 20 soul dust or 60 soul dust
180-200 Bracer: Strength
Make truesilver rod at 200 skill
20 vision dust | 2 greater mystic essences + 1 truesilver rod + 1 black pearl + 2 vision dust + runed golden rod
200-210 Lesser Wizard Oil** OR Cloak: Greater Defense (at 205 skill) 30 vision dust
210-230 Bracer: Intellect OR Gloves: Agility 40 lesser nether essence or 20 lesser nether essence + 20 vision dust
230-245 Boots: Lesser Accuracy OR Gloves: Strength 60 vision dust + 15 lesser nether essence or 45 vision dust + 30 lesser nether essence
245-250 Chest: Superior Mana OR Bracer: Greater Strength 5 greater nether essence + 10 lesser nether essence or 10 dream dust + 5 greater nether essence
250-255 Enchanted Leather OR Enchanted Thorium OR Lesser Mana Oil*** 10 lesser eternal essence + 10 rugged leather or 30 dream dust + 10 thorium bar or 15 dream dust + 10 purple lotus
255-270 Bracer: Greater Intellect 45 lesser eternal essence
270-275 Bracer: Greater Intellect OR Gloves: Greater Agility 15 lesser eternal essence or 15 illusion dust + 10 lesser eternal essence
275-285 Wizard Oil*** OR Gloves: Greater Agility 30 illusion dust + 20 firebloom or 30 illusion dust + 20 lesser eternal essence
285-290 Shield: Vitality OR Gloves: Greater Agility 5 greater eternal essence + 20 illusion dust or 15 illusion dust + 10 lesser eternal essence
290-300 Shield: Vitality OR Chest: Major Mana
Make arcanite rod at 290 skill^
10 greater eternal essence + 40 illusion dust or 80 illusion dust | 4 greater eternal essences + 1 arcanite rod + 10 illusion dust + 2 large brilliant shards + runed truesilver rod

* Recipe is sold by Dalria in Ashenvale or Kulwia in Stonetalon Mountains.
** Recipe is sold by Enchanting vendors in most major cities.
*** Recipe is sold by Kania in Silithus.
^ Recipe for Runed Arcanite Rod is sold by Lorelae in Moonglade and is in limited supply

Unfortunately we do not have power leveling guides for Outland or Northrend Enchanting at this time. We do have a suggested leveling progression for Cataclysm Enchanting that was created during the Beta Test. If you'd like to use it, you can access it at my blog: Enchanting Leveling Guide (450-525)

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PLEASE NOTE: This chart was compiled on the Cataclysm Beta Realm. If you notice any errors, please contact us!