Blacksmithing Power Leveling Guide 1-300

Blacksmithing Power Leveling Guide

This guide is intended to help you level Blacksmithing as quickly as possible. The recipes chosen have been optimized to use the lowest amount of ingredients. Occasionally recipes with the more common materials are included as an alternative. In situations where one crafted item could be worked into another crafted item, I have favored that recipe.

In any situation where there are multiple choices you are free to select the recipe that is easier for you. Just bear in mind that some items are used later in the progression, which impacts your choices later. A few recipes such as grinding stones will change to yellow (skill point not guaranteed, but likely) before you reach the skill level indicated. This is intentional, usually you'll be making a large number and we can reasonably gain more skill points. This usually increases the needed ingredients, so I've included extra supplies in the Ingredients column to compensate for overages. In particular, when a recipe becomes yellow to you I've doubled the materials needed for that portion of the skill points. Your mileage may vary.

There is also one vendor recipe used in this progression. I highly recommend you purchase it before you start leveling up. It's a limited supply item and could require some patience with the vendor to get your hands on it. You'll be rewarded with a 50% reduction in materials over the trainer options at the same level, so I feel it's worth having.

Good Luck!

Skill Range Recipe Ingredients
1-25 Rough Sharpening Stone 25 rough stone
25-45 Rough Grinding Stone
(need 10-25 for later use)
20-50 rough stone
45-50 Copper Chain Pants 20 copper bars
50-65 Copper Chain Belt 90 copper bars
65-70 Coarse Sharpening Stone 10 coarse stone
70-75 Runed Copper Belt OR Coarse Sharpening Stone 50 copper bars or 20 coarse stone
75-85 Coarse Grinding Stone (need 40-65 for later use) 80-130 coarse stone
85-100 Runed Copper Belt 150 copper bars
100-105 Silver Rod OR Runed Copper Belt 5 silver bars + 10 rough grinding stone or 50 copper bars
105-110 Runed Copper Belt 50 copper bars
110-115 Rough Bronze Shoulders OR Runed Copper Bracers 25 bronze bars + 5 coarse grinding stones or 50 copper bars + 15 rough grinding stones
115-125 Rough Bronze Shoulders 50 bronze bars + 10 coarse grinding stones
125-135 Heavy Grinding Stone (need 25-55 for later use) 75-165 heavy stone
135-150 Patterned Bronze Bracers
75 bronze bars + 30 coarse grinding stones
150-155 Iron Buckle OR Golden Rod 5 iron bars or 5 gold bars + 10 coarse grinding stones
155-160 Green Iron Leggings OR
Silvered Bronze Boots (use up excess bronze/silver)
40 iron bars + 5 heavy grinding stones or 30 bronze bars + 5 silver bars + 10 coarse grinding stones
160-165 Green Iron Leggings 40 iron bars + 5 heavy grinding stones
165-185 Green Iron Bracers 120 iron bars
185-190 Green Iron Bracers OR Golden Scale Bracers 30 iron bars or 25 steel bars + 10 heavy grinding stones
190-200 Golden Scale Bracers 50 steel bars + 20 heavy grinding stones
200-205 Solid Grinding Stone OR Truesilver Rod 20 solid stone or 5 truesilver bar + 5 heavy grinding stones
205-210 Heavy Mithril Gauntlet OR
Golden Scale Bracers (uses up excess mithril)
30 mithril bars + 20 mageweave cloth or 25 steel bars + 10 heavy grinding stones
210-225 Heavy Mithril Gauntlet 90 mithril bars + 60 mageweave cloth
225-235 Mithril Scale Bracers* 80 mithril bars
235-250 Mithril Coif 150 mithril bars + 90 mageweave cloth
250-255 Dense Grinding Stone 20 dense stone
255-260 Thorium Belt 40 thorium bars
260-270 Thorium Belt OR Thorium Bracers 80 thorium bars
270-275 Thorium Bracers 40 thorium bars
275-280 Arcanite Rod (used by Enchanters)
OR Imperial Plate Bracers
15 arcanite bars + 5 dense grinding stones or 60 thorium bars
280-290 Imperial Plate Bracers 120 thorium bars
290-300 Thorium Boots OR Thorium Helm 120 thorium bars + 80 rugged leather or 120 thorium bars + 10 star rubies

* Purchase the Mithril Scale Bracers recipe from Harggan at Aerie Peak or Gharash in the Swamp of Sorrows

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PLEASE NOTE: This chart was compiled on the Cataclysm Beta Realm. If you notice any errors, please contact us!