Transmute: Truegold (Recipe)



Item Source Drop Rate Notes

3x Pyrium Bar Mining    

10x Volatile Air Drop    

10x Volatile Fire Mining    

10x Volatile Water Fishing    


Darnassus: Ainethil (map)
Located at the south end of the Craftsmen's Terrace, she is in the east building on the lower level.
Ironforge: Tally Berryfizz (map)
Located in the Tinker Town section of Ironforge, she is inside the shop on the southwest corner.
Orgrimmar: Yelmak (map)
Located on the north end of The Drag, on the north side of the street just past the salvage shop.
Stormwind: Lilyssia Nightbreeze (map)
Located at the southeast corner of the Mage Quarter. Her shop is on the south side of the walkway and she is standing at the base of the stairs on the bottom floor.
Thunder Bluff: Bena Winterhoof (map)
Located on the second level of the Middle Rise. She's inside the north-most tent, standing at the back of the room opposite the doorway.
Undercity: Doctor Herbert Halsey (map)
Located at the southern end of the Apothecarium section in the Undercity. There's a small doorway, go due south through it and follow the corridor that leads into the sewer areas. Doctor Halsey is at the bottom of the stairs in the first room you enter from the corridor.