Purification Potion (Recipe)

Drop Rate:0.00%

This recipe can also be learned from the Grand Master trainer in Outland for those who have the Burning Crusade expansion


Item Source Drop Rate Notes

1x Crystal Vial Vendor    

2x Icecap Herbalism    

2x Sorrowmoss Herbalism    


Hellfire Peninsula: Alchemist Gribble
Alliance Grand Master Alchemist, located on the bottom floor of the mage tower at Honor Hold
Hellfire Peninsula: Apothecary Antonivich
Horde Grand Master Alchemist, located inside the mage tower on the west side of Thrallmar
Shattrath: Lorokeem (map)
Located in the northwest section of the Lower City, he can be found on the lower level of the westmost tree.
This item is a random drop. Generally it will drop in zones of the same approximate level as the item.