Leggings of Visceral Strikes (Recipe)



Item Source Drop Rate Notes

2x Eternal Air Crafted    

12x Heavy Borean Leather Crafted    


Borean Tundra: Awan Iceborn
Horde Leatherworking Trainer located inside the Inn at the Taunka'le Village.
Borean Tundra: Rosemary Bovard
Alliance Leatherworking Trainer located in the southern half of Valiance Keep along the eastern wall, inside the first tent on the right side of the walkway.
Dalaran: Diane Cannings
Leatherworking Trainer located inside the Leatherworking shop in the Magus Commerce Exchange section of Dalaran. The Leatherworking shop is the center building on the outer ring of shops.
Howling Fjord: Bernadette Dexter
Alliance Leatherworking Trainer located on the small bluff southwest of the dock at Valgarde, she's standing by the tented building.
Howling Fjord: Gunter Hansen
Horde Leatherworking Trainer standing under the tent on the left side of the path as you enter Vengeance Landing from the boat dock.