Embersilk Bag (Recipe)


Grants 5 skill points


Item Source Drop Rate Notes

15x Bolt of Embersilk Cloth Crafted    

15x Hypnotic Dust Enchanting    


Darnassus: Me'lynn
Tailoring trainer located at the southern end of the Craftmen's Terrace, on the upper level.
Ironforge: Jormund Stonebrow
Tailoring trainer located inside Stonebrow's Clothier on the north side of the Great Forge.
Orgrimmar: Magar
Expert tailoring trainer located inside Magar's Cloth Goods at The Drag.
Stormwind: Georgio Bolero (map)
Tailoring trainer located inside Duncan's Textiles at the Mage Quarter of Stormwind.
Thunder Bluff: Tepa
Located on the middle rise, inside the large tent directly west of the spiral ramp.
Undercity: Josef Gregorian
Located at the northern end of the Magic Quarter, in the inner ring.