Delicious Chocolate Cake (Recipe)

Drop Rate:Quest

This recipe binds when picked up. This is a rare reward given for the daily cooking quest in Shattrath City. It also has a chance to be included in the goodie bags given out by Derek Odds for the daily Cooking quest in Dalaran.


Item Source Drop Rate Notes

1x Flask of Port Vendor    

4x Ice Cold Milk Vendor    

3x Mageroyal Herbalism    

4x Mild Spices Vendor    

8x Simple Flour Vendor    

8x Small Egg Drop    


Dalaran: Derek Odds
Located inside "A Hero's Welcome" between the Silver Enclave and The Eventide. Ms. Lee is in the back room of the Inn, to the right of the bar.
Shattrath City: The Rokk
Can be found in the Lower City between the Shattrath Infirmary and the Skettis camp on the northern side of town.