Most Popular Crafted Items

Crafter's Tome has partnered with WoWPopular to bring you a list of the top crafted items in World of Warcraft. WoWPopular scans the Armory to identify the most popular gear, enchants, glyphs and more. At Crafter's Tome, we've taken this information and ranked just the tradeskill items, to provide targeted market information of value to WoW crafters.

Below you will find a list for each profession, ranking the most widely used items created by that tradeskill. The "Popularity" numbers shown are not actual counts from the Armory, nor do they reflect a percentage of users. They merely indicate an item's relative popularity when compared to other items in the lists. To find out more about our ranking system, please read the detailed description below. If you're interested in more detailed analysis of any of this data, you can visit WoWPopular for more filtering options.

Popularity Explained

On the WoWPopular site, crafted items are ranked alongside dungeon and raid gear. This tends to "downrank" crafted goods quite a bit. Our rankings only compare crafted items to each other. The "Popularity" column is merely a scaled number to indicate popularity relative to other crafted items. For crafted gear, this number ranges from 1 to 100. For crafted enhancements (glyphs, enchants and gems), this number can go above 100. This is largely because a character profile can contain multiple gems/enchants/glyphs in a single set of gear, but can't have multiple cloaks or helms.

We hope this information is of use to you. If you want to know more about how the data is collected, please read this WoWPopular blog post.