Jewelcrafting Guide: 1-350

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So you want to be a Jewelcrafter?

Join 5 million other WoW players on that bandwagon... heheh. Well if you're brave enough to fight with all the other folks who've taken this tradeskill, it helps to be prepared. Also be mindful that it could be quite difficult to sell your wares, as there will often be more players making jewelry than buyers.

Companion Skills:

Like so many others, this craft relies heavily on Mining. You don't have to be a miner to craft Jewelry, but you will need large amounts of ores, bars, and gems. If you have another character to provide you with materials, that works fine. If not I highly recommend taking mining as your second tradeskill. Otherwise the cost to you will be extremely high, considering the number of gems and ore required just to hit 300 skill. Also, if you plan to take this craft all the way to 525 I suggest you use a character that you are going to level to at least 65 and preferably higher. Otherwise you'll miss out on the bulk of the best recipes. Blizzard has been kind enough to put most good recipes on vendors who require daily quest tokens. The Northrend version of these quests require you to kill mobs in Northrend and the new Cataclym quest requires Illustrious skill with a minimum character level of 75. So be aware that these are significant limitations for a level 50 or 60 character.

I've compiled a list for those who want help calculating the materials to power level Jewelcrafting to 425. If you'd like to use my list to help with skill progression, you can view it here.

Special Note for Cataclysm: This guide refers to vendor recipes which may have been gone missing after the Cataclysm. You may have trouble locating vendors outside of cities. As of this writing I've been unable to locate some vendors in their old haunts. Be prepared to go with a less desirable trainer recipe, I've noted vendor recipes with a pound (#) sign in the power leveling chart.

Now that you're ready to take on Jewelcrafting, the first thing you need to do is locate a trainer. New Alliance and Horde trainers will be available in Stormwind and Orgrimmar in the Cataclysm expansion. The Alliance trainer is located on the north side of the Trade District and the Horde trainer is in the Valley of Honor between the Auction House and the Blacksmith. You can also visit existing trainers in Shattrath City or Dalaran. Ask a city guard to mark your map for the Jewelcrafting trainer if you have any trouble finding them.

The first few recipes you'll get will include one for Copper Wire and this is the first recipe you'll want to start using. Make at least 20 of these, you're going to need them later anyway. If you're using my list, go ahead and make 30 of these for subsequent recipes. After that you can make Rough Stone Statues until you reach 35-40 skill. FYI - all stone statues are Bind on Pickup. Don't make any more than you need to grind skill points cheaply, you won't be able to sell them. I'll leave it up to you to decide how much is reasonable to make in relation to the other ingredients you've collected.

You also get Prospecting at 20, so feel free to prospect some copper ore if you're lacking gems. Prospecting does not give skill points at any level, you can only use it to acquire gems. Prospecting works much like Disenchanting, in that you destroy raw ore to "prospect" the gems from it. Each prospecting action consumes five pieces of ore -- smelted bars cannot be used for this! You should get at least one gem per prospect, but occasionally you can get two or more gems. The chart below has all the various gems that are typically prospected from different types of ore:

Ore Resulting Gems
Copper Malachite, Shadowgem, Tigerseye
Tin Shadowgem, Moss Agate, Lesser Moonstone, Jade
Iron Lesser Moonstone, Citrine, Jade, Aquamarine
Mithril Aquamarine, Star Ruby, Citrine
Thorium Star Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Large Opal, Azerothian Diamond, Huge Emerald
Fel Iron/Adamantite Flame Spessarite, Blood Garnet, Deep Peridot, Shadow Draenite, Golden Draenite, Azure Moonstone
Rares: Living Ruby, Talasite, Star of Elune, Noble Topaz, Dawnstone, Nightseye
Bloodstone, Sun Crystal, Chalcedony, Huge Citrine, Dark Jade, Shadow Crystal
Rares: Scarlet Ruby, Sky Sapphire, Autumn's Glow, Monarch Topaz, Forest Emerald, Twilight Opal
Obsidium/Elementium/Pyrite Carnelian, Alicite, Zephyrite, NIghtstone, Jasper, Hessonite
Rares: Inferno Ruby, Ocean Sapphire, Amberjewel, Ember Topaz, Dream Emerald, Demonseye

At this point you'll be at about 40 in Jewelcrafting, so you should make the Malachite Pendant or the Tigerseye Band. Both of these will turn yellow at 50 skill, so go with whichever you have the gems to make. At 50 skill you can learn the recipe for Coarse Stone Statues as well as Bronze Settings. Since we need bronze settings anyway it's just easier to use that for skill points. Go ahead and make at least 20 of them, the recipe will turn yellow at 70. If you're following my list, you'll see that eventually we'll need 40-50 bronze settings. Just make sure you skip over the recipes you don't need as a result of any skill points you get beyond 70. And don't forget to learn Journeyman jewelcrafting from the trainer, so you're ready for the next round of recipes.

Assuming you move on at 70 skill, next you should make 10 Elegant Silver Rings. They only require 1 silver bar each, so they're pretty resource efficient. After that comes the Simple Pearl Ring which should take you to 90 skill. Next you can make the Gloom Band to get to 100. The next recipe to do is the Ring of Silver Might, which uses only 2 silver bars. Now you should be at 110 skill and you can learn the recipe for the Heavy Stone Statues. It goes yellow fairly quickly but these are still cheap points by comparison, so you may as well crank out at least ten of them.

At 120 skill you have some options. You can either make Heavy Jade Rings or the Ring of Twilight Shadows. They both stay orange until 130, so you can go with whichever one is easier for you. At 130 you could keep cranking out the Heavy Jade Ring, it actually goes orange at 135, or you can move on to another duo of recipes. My ingredient list assumes you're moving on... and you get another choice here. You have both the Amulet of the Moon which is a vendor recipe you can purchase in Darnassus or The Exodar. This is pretty easy to grab if you are hanging out with the Jewelcrafting trainer in The Exodar, because the vendor is right in front of her ;) If you don't want to make the moonstone necklace, you can make Barbaric Iron Collars instead. Either one of these recipes should see you to 140 skill. After that you can make either the Pendant of the Agate Shield or Heavy Iron Knuckles and that should get you to 150. If you haven't already, make sure you learn Expert Jewelcrafting from your trainer now.

When you are at 150 in Jewelcrafting you'll be able to move on to Mithril jewelry and the first recipe you get is for Mithril Filigree. There are several other recipes available at 150 skill, but they are all vendor recipes and not particularly useful for grinding. If you want to purchase them, feel free to do so but I won't be including them in my guide. For now, go ahead and make at least 20 mithril filigree. If you're following my list you'll need at least 30 filigree, so go all the way to 180 with this recipe. You can also make some Solid Stone Statues if you like, but it's not required for skill points. At 180 skill you have several recipes you can choose from including the Jade Pendant of Blasting and the Engraved Truesilver Ring. You could also make the Jade Eye but that one didn't seem terribly cheap as a grinding recipe to me. Any of these will take you to 190 though, so go with whatever suits your bank (or pocketbook).

From 190-200 you can make the Jade Eye, the Engraved Truesilver Ring, or the Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing. At 200 skill you can continue making citrine rings. Once you make it to 210 there's really only one reasonable option: the Aquamarine Signet. Unless of course you want to make the Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing, but since that recipe is a loot drop I've skipped it in my list. At 220 you should switch from the Aquamarine signet to the Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior, which should easily get you to 225.

At 225 make sure you've learned Artisan Jewelcrafting already and get the recipe for Dense Stone Statues. There's no need to make this unless you want to since you can also start making Thorium Settings now. You'll probably want to make at least 20 of these, 30 if you're following my recipe list. Unfortunately this recipe turns yellow at 235, but since you'll need the settings anyway you might as well keep going. My shopping list assumes that between the dense statues and thorium settings you're able to get to 240 skill. For the 240-250 window you get two options, the Red Ring of Destruction or the Ruby Pendant of Fire. I'm sure you're probably wondering why I bother including the ring since it uses the same materials. It has different stats that might be more desirable to shoppers, which might influence your choice.

From 250 to 265 it's kind of a no-brainer for me. Well, you can eek another 5-10 points from the ruby twins, but I liked the materials for the Truesilver Healing Ring much better. If you prefer to keep making ruby items, the ring goes yellow at 255 and the necklace at 260. So you'll still have to make a few truesilver rings to get to the next tier, but it's up to you and whatever materials you have on hand.

At 265 we start to hit a pretty ugly area that may be tough for some people to get through. Large quantities of rarely used "classic" gems are needed now. If you don't have them you'll have to prospect thorium ore to get them. I went through 15-20 stacks of thorium ore to collect the gems needed for this phase. If you don't have the ones on my list, you probably should count on prospecting 1 stack of ore for each gem you're missing. I don't mean to say that you only get gems 50% of the time, but sometimes you'll end up with the wrong one and you need to cover your bases. Also if you can avoid doing any crafting until after you prospect enough ore, that will help quite a bit in determining the recipe progression. I was prospecting as I went, which certainly complicated my life (Oh, a diamond! I'll make a diamond ring now...) and made it more difficult to progress cleanly through the recipes.

So assuming you're armed with the proper gems now, at 265 you can make either the Simple Opal Ring or the Diamond Focus Band. The opal ring turns yellow at 280, so make sure you use up all your opals before you dip into your other gems. If you end up with some sapphires, you can also make Sapphire Signets and Diamond Focus Band until 285 skill. Once you hit 285 you can make Glowing Thorium Bands or Onslaught Rings. Between those two you should be able to get to 290 skill when they both turn yellow. Now just make the Emerald Lion Ring to hit 300 skill.

When you reach this point you can finally start cutting gems, which will be your primary way of getting skill points from here on out. Most of your gems will be acquired by prospecting fel iron or adamantite. It is possible to raise your skill to 335 or 340 cutting gems, so don't be afraid to cut as many as you can. You should also consider using the Prismatic Black Diamond recipe for skill points at 300. Black diamonds are generally quite cheap and the recipe creates a random cut gem. The bad news is that there's no market for Outland gems since Northrend gems can be used in Outland gear. You will probably end up vendoring them, I'm sorry to say.

Gem cutting won't not take you all the way to 350, you'll need to make actual jewelry as well. Somewhere around 340 all of your gem recipes will turn green and will no longer be viable for skill points. Now you should move on to one of the jewelry recipes you learned from your trainer, the Thick Adamantite Necklace or the Heavy Adamantite Ring. Both of these recipes require Mercurial Adamantite, which is made from the Adamantite Powder you received from Prospecting and combined with a Primal Earth. You should have plenty of both if you've been mining and prospecting adamantite ore for green gems. Keep making the jewelry until you reach 350 skill.

Jewelcrafting in Northrend

Blizzard has spared newer Jewelcrafters the pain of leveling to 375 with Outland recipes. New recipes are available in Northrend starting at 350 skill. There are trainers in Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra and Dalaran who can teach you how to cut Northrend green (uncommon) quality gems. There are a large number of gem recipes, as well as a few jewelry recipes. You should have no trouble finding something worthwhile to make. These early jewelry pieces also make good disenchanting material, something to keep in mind if you're having trouble selling them. Green gem cuts should take you to 390 skill, but if you're having trouble you can try making a few of the blue (rare) pieces of jewelry that are trainable at 370 and 380. They are pretty good quality items for their level, so you should be able to sell them.

Those of you who are interested in collecting all the Northrend recipes should get yourself to Dalaran as soon as you can. The daily Jewelcrafting quest there gives you tokens to purchase additional recipes. Recipes that are purchased with daily tokens include epic jewelry and epic gems cuts. Since this is the primary way you get new Northrend recipes, it's helpful to do this quest as often as you can.

At 390 skill you'll unlock the rare gem-cutting recipes. Again, there are a lot of recipes to choose from, including some faction and dungeon drop items. Cutting these gems should keep you busy until you get to 425 skill, which is when they turn green. At 400 skill you can learn the recipes for your new Jewelcrafting trinket, which should be a pretty nice item while leveling in Northrend. When you get to 420 you can learn recipes for meta gems and epic items. There may be a market for some of these items, check your auction house to determine whether these are worth your time. Then at 425 you can start learning the uncommon gem cuts for Cataclysm!

To Be Continued...

Good Luck!

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Please Note: This guide was last updated during the Cataclysm Beta. Some information may have changed prior to launch. Please contact us to submit errors and corrections!